Purafil Parallel Bed Scrubber (PBS)


The Purafil Parallel Bed Scrubber (PBS) removes high concentrations of odorous gases from screening rooms, headworks, large pump stations, large digesters, full treatment plants among other applications. It is also used to polish biofilter discharge air.


Parallel Bed Scrubber


The Parallel DBS is built-to-order and sized for airflows from 13,600 – 68,000 m3/hr (8,000 – 40,000 + cfm).


At the heart of the Parallel DBS is Purafil ESD dry-scrubbing media. The scrubber is designed for horizontal airflow and with passes through two parallel beds on each side of the scrubber.


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Provides Odour Free Air

The Parallel Bed Scrubber contains up to four, 12-inch deep, vertical media beds (two on each side) perpendicular to the airflow.

This multi-bed design ensures extended contact time with odorous contaminants and the highest removal efficiency.


Low Maintenance

Each of the scrubber’s vertical media beds can be replaced independently on an as-needed basis by vacuuming the unit out.

This reduces maintenance time and saves in long-term media costs.

Media changeout is simple and fast.

The media bed is designed to be conveniently accessible. The blower is located externally for easy accessibility.

Complete Gas Removal

Purafil ESD systems are designed for 100% efficiency at any aiflow.

Purafil ESD offers a variety of dryscrubbing media, each of which targets a specific gas or gaseous contaminant group.

Complete gas removal is achieved by combining two or more media in successive stages.

Typically Odorcarb™ Ultra and Odormix™ SP media is used for odor control applications.


Targeted Odours & Gases

• Hydrogen sulfide
• Sulfur dioxide
• Mercaptans
• Aldehydes
• Organic compounds



• Large Headworks
• Large Pump Stations
• Large Digesters
• Biofilter discharge
• Sludge Dewatering
• Wastewater Tunnels

Standard Features

• 3003 H14 aluminum construction
• Stainless steel hatches and hinges
• Mist eliminator/prefilter
• Up to four, 12-inch-deep (308 mm), parallel vertical media beds (two on each side)
• Externally mounted, draw-through blower system design
• Top access media fill chutes
• 1.0 IWG (249 Pa) external static pressure

Optional Extras

• Double Wall construction
• Air measuring station, CFM gage, and housing (shipping separately for field installation)
• Maintains superior performance in climates with fluctuating temperature and relative humidity
• Lower operating horsepower and pressure drop than activated carbon-only systems
• Sample ports located on side of unit or lid
• Vacuum ports located on side of beds
• Passive applications