Fan parts, upgrades, repairs and servicing

Give your existing equipment a new lease of life!

We provide fan parts, repairs, maintenance and servicing for all our existing NYB fans and can also offer upgrades and refurbishment of other manufacturers products using our own NYB impellor designs.

Replacement parts are available for all NYB fan products however due to the very specialised nature of all of these designs, some parts such as fan impellors and shafts will require custom fabrication.

Fans - Information we need

All our fans are custom designed and manufactured to suit our individual customers applications.

We offer support for original purchasers of our equipment and can also provide limited support to purchasers of second hand equipment for a fee.

You will need to provide us with the fan serial number and preferably all the information contained on the name plate. (See photo on right) Please provide all Serial number and Model information off the nameplate.

It is also very helpful if you are able to send us photos of the fans plus ones of what parts are required so we can check any information still on file.

If you don’t have the serial number it is very unlikely that we will be able to find any information on it without a lot of measurements being taken on site. These include fan speed, airflow, temperature, static pressure plus casing and impellor dimensions so you will need to be able to provide these along with detailed photos.

If your fan does not have one of our nameplates but has an original NYB nameplate (as per the photo) you will need to provide all the information on the nameplate so we can try to locate the files online.

We must have the Shop Number which will be a letter followed by some numbers (ie X00000 or 0000-00000) and is usually the number at the top left of the nameplate, plus we need to know the year of manufacture and would also prefer to have all the other details on the nameplate.

Note: NYB manufactures many thousands of fans per year so without a shop number it is very difficult to find any information.

Please contact our Auckland office for further assistance >


Cooling Tower fans

Mr GoodTower servicing, maintenance and replacement parts service for all makes and models of cooling towers will help you keep those valuable cooling towers running efficiently so your business can keep operating.

Please provide all the details off the nameplate.

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