HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration)

HEPA (EPA & ULPA) filters are specified in applications where the cleanest air and hygiene standards are required.

Utilizing diffusion, interception and impaction, HEPA filters work in conjunction with a series of pre-filters and can be found in the following areas as examples:

  • Operating theatres (Biomedical)
  • Clean rooms, medical laboratories, neonatal.
  • Pharmaceutical processing areas
  • Sensitive food & beverage production (e.g. infant formula)

High manufacturing integrity, quality assurance and low tolerances means that the filters will not deteriorate or decay inside the system over their intended lifespan. This is particularly important, so you can rest assured that the filter will never release what it captures.


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Available Frame Materials

Type 1 Aluminium Frame with PU seal
– for high twist strength

Type 2 Plastic Frame with PU seal
– for ventilation systems with special requirements for air quality

Type 3 Aluminium Frame with Sigel seal
– for filter systems with sword profile