February 2020: Changes to air filtration market approach

For over 50 years Windsor has led the New Zealand market whilst providing high quality air filtration materials, products and services.

Our partner suppliers have always been world leaders, and over time as our understanding of air filtration developed, so has testing and the need for accredited performance data.

Our air filtration products meet the very latest international standards. These standards include EN 779 :2012, with its emphasis on reducing energy costs whilst maintaining filtration efficiency, through to the latest ISO 16890, which for the first time considers fully, the quality of air a filter provides.

ISO 16890 is a more pragmatic approach to determining the effectiveness of an air filter. Consideration is given to the particle sizes and properties which greatest impact human life as air pollutants and the testing is based strictly on the efficiency of arresting these classes of airborne particles which pose the most danger. Compliance with ISO 16890 is of increasing importance to indoor air quality standards.

To continue our mission, we are introducing an extended range of new medias and air filtration products; all with the same quality and performance our customers expect, and in some cases with cost savings.

When applicable our sales team will explain any changes, provide technical support, literature and information, for your peace of mind.

For customers where it is important to stay with our traditional range, for reasons of compliance or preference, we will continue to service your air filtration needs unchanged, with the same products with which you are familiar.


-With best wishes

Windsor Engineering – Filtration group

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