Disposable Filters & Spraybooth Overspray Collection

We stock a range of convenient sizes of disposable air filters for HVAC applications.

For industrial and commercial paint shops and manufacturers we also stock convenient overspray collection packs for removing paint from exhaust airstreams.

These can be easily fitted and replaced, reducing manufacturing costs and downtime for maintenance on spraybooths.


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Disposable pleated panel filters

Cost effective for stopping large debris in ventilation applications. These filters are typically made with a cardboard frame and are intended to be replaced often to protect more expensive filtration systems down stream. For high concentrations of dust where the filter needs regular maintnance and changeouts, disposable filters are an efficient solution that can take the price element out of delivering consistent clean air.

Spray booth overspray collection filters

A cost effective and environmentally friendly overspray filter solution for industrial paint shops.

The pleated design works to filter by separating the paint particles from the exhaust air using inertia. The hollow pleats allow the air to change directions, while the heavy paint particles adhere to the walls and collect inside.

Spray booths can easily be converted to use this product, and installation is as easy as stretching out the accordian style element. Because technicis filters are self supporting, it only needs to be retained by channels at the top and bottom.