Stainless Steel Filter Frame System

Our filter frame system is designed to house our entire range of panel, pocket and rigid filters.

Bolt frames together, rivet or spot weld and then seal.

Frames can be pre-assembled into manageable filter banks before installation.

Suitable for just about any filter situation requiring multiple filters including dairy factories, industrial ventilation, gas turbines, hospitals and HVAC applications.

Heavy grade stainless steel is used for all frame components, prefilters and final filters clip in and out with ease.


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Standard size

The standard size is 610 x 610mm which accepts filters measuring 595 x 595mm.

Non-standard frame sizes are available on request


The CHF frames are available in 2 widths :

90mm  – FMP, two stage EMD with compact pocket filter

110mm – Two stage system using nominal 50mm FMP pre-filter in front of compact pocket filter or rigid final filter

Quick clip system

The Quick Clip fits into lugs punched into the CHF holding frame.

Single or multiple stage filters are pushed over the clips.

When correctly positioned, the clip tongue automatically springs against the filter face and forces the sealing edge against the gasket for a secure seal.

Pushing down on the clip releases the filter instantly.

Clips can be replaced if damaged and are inexpensive.